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Cool Events
Summer 1999 - The Battle at Talerhorn Pass.

This was a WHFB game that was fought by some of the most eager, dedicated and just plain crazy members of our local WHFB group. While it was not our largest battle to date, it was a well fought game with armies the size of which rarely see the table. Here are some interesting statistics:

Players involved:

For the armies of Light:

Mike "No Special Characters!" Pinault         - Bretonnians
Yvonne "Lady Elleraine" Rich             - High Elves
Peter "Senior" Shah                - Even more High Elves
Kirk "Death Rockets? No!!!!!!!" Damman        - Yet even more Bretonnians
Yours Truly, Brian "Why 16 tiles . . " Kelly        - High Elf helper and Commander.


Mark "Neek neek" Gabrowski            - Rats -er- Skaven
Chris "High Elves are out of Control" Stevens    - Dark Elves
Chris "The Chariots can see what?" O'Brien    - Dark Elves, Skaven, and Chaos Dwarves (Oh my!)
Kevin "Bull Centaur" Therein            - Chaos Dwarves

Total points 12,000 per side. (Roughly)

Good had roughly 126 archers, consisting of 50 Elven Archers, 36 Sea Guard, 40 Bretonnian archers and 3 Repeating Bolt Throwers.
Good also had roughly 98 Cavalry troops, consisting of 40 Bretonnians Knights, 30 Mounted Squires, 8 Dragon Princes, 8 Silver Helms and a dozen Elven Reavers.

Evil had close to 400 foot troops.
Evil also had close to 29 War Machines, including 4 Dark Elves Repeating Bolt Throwers, 3 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers, 2 Earth Shaker Cannon, 3 Death Rockets, 2 Doom Wheels, 10 Jezzails, and 5 Warp Fire Thrower Teams.