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Void is a science fiction game from I-Kore. Simular to 40k the system seems to be designed to combine some of the elements of WH40K, Clan Wars, and Warzone. Below are some pictures of Void miniatures. While I haven't had time to give the system a full once over, so far it seems pretty good. I have NOT had a chance to play the game yet.

The miniatures themselves are astonishingly clean, well sculpted and fit fairly well with GW miniatures, althought they are actually 28mm, not "Epic/Heroic" 28mm.

Most of the minis below are for the Syntha, android based army.  The Razorback-like vehicle is called a TAV (Tactical Assault Vehicle).

Unlike many of the Warzone figures - these are actually very releastic, fairly dynamic, and yet still - Sci Fi.



The TAV (Tactical Assualt Vehicle). This miniature in reality is approximately 90% the size of a standard Rhino. It comes complete with 3 optional turrets. 1 Missile Launcher (shown), 1 Autocannon, and 1 hatch (to make it more of a pure transport).

A Synth Tactical Squad. This boxed set comes with 6 minis, 1 Plasma Gunner, 1 Sergeat and 4 grunts.

Androsythh Assualt Marine with Grape Gun.

Androsynth Assualt Marine with Cesti (Powerfist).

Xiao. Androsynth special character. Yeah, she's a little cheesecake (ok, a lot) for an Android army - but I-Kore knows its target audience. The miniature is exquisitely sculpted.

Another nice fig, Commander X. A VASA special character (they are a cross between Imperial Guard and Space Marines). Void seems to except the presense and casual play of Special Characters more than 40K.

Who am I going to kid? They're terminators. Yeah, yeah, their called 'Exo-Suits' but you and I know better.

Their Tiger Class Generic APC. Kinda silly looking, but I've seen worse and it is the 'generic' all terrain transport available to all human armies.