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About Me
First off:

It's Brian Kelly, better known on the net as Zaknafn, or just Zak.

I'm a 30 something avid miniatures gamer, computer programmer and fan of life.

Fan of life? Too many people, imnsho, spend too much of their time concentrating on their woes. Too much misery, and much of it self created.

I enjoy life. No, really I do. And I'm not just being dillusional. I really think that life, for the most part, is what you make it. Sure, I have my ups and downs and miseries, just like anyone else. The difference? I try not to focus on the misery and always look for a new adventure.

Sit back, relax and learn about the universe around you. Have fun. Laugh when life is funny, cry when it is sad, but above all else realize that neither your, nor honestly most people around you, make or break the Universe. I am all to aware of my place in the universe, and, as such, I tend to try and just have fun with it.

Make fun of everything in life. Especially yourself. Having a sense of humour is the key (more than diet, exercise, etc.) to a long and fullfilling life.

BTW, by coming to this section - you did _ask_ for my opinions.

Some useful History:

I was born in Cambridge, MA in 1970 I am the son of Brian and Mary Kelly (good Irish names, eh?).

My Mother was born Maryanne Terrasavich, in Pennsylvania, where I understand she spent the earliest years of her life.

My Father, the original ;^} Brian Kelly was born and raised in Charleston, MA.

Two Older brothers: Norman Simard and Luke Simard. As the names would suggest they are half brothers, born to my Mother's first husband (deceased).

Part II. Education:

Private, Catholic Schools - all the way through High School. Overall I'd say I received an above average education (above Public Schools - as if that says much).