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It is a time of Myth . . . . .

It is a time of Magic . . . . . . .  .

It is a time when Great Armies shall meet on the fields of battle and when great heroes will perform deeds as in the days of old  . . .


Warhammer is a tabletop game in which players use both traditional and mythological armies to fight for supremacy of a battlefield (game-table) with little toy soldiers (miniatures).

The game itself, produced by Games Workshop is a faced paced, occasionally silly, occasionally very tactical system for fighting out Fantasy battles. Orcs and Goblins, Elves and Dragon - each represented by beautifully detailed metal and plastic figures, are positioned and moved around a battlefield (see the cool events section for some photos) and dice are rolled. Strategy, tactics, and sometimes Lady Luck are all involved for an afternoon or evening of gaming fun.

As part of a greater hobby, WHFB and it's techno sister WH40K, are a great way to relax (yeah, right!), paint beautiful detailed figures, and get together and socialize with friends. The games challenges the mind, and due to the 'rules'  (see my rant on game companies) - sometimes the soul, with an endless set of possible actions and decisions. Simular to chess with prettier pieces, it has a more relaxed flowing atmoshere - and it has been a hobby of mine for some 8 years now.

Check out the sidebar for some cool photos of my Chaos Slaanesh and Khemri Undead armies. Many of the pieces of my Chaos and Khemri armies were painted by Mike Vavosa. I've also included pictures of Yvonne's fantastic High Elf Legion (all 5,000 points painted!) as well as my Dark Eldar and her High, er Craftworld Eldar.